Monster (2008) DVDRip

Two American sisters; Sarah and Erin, are preparing for a trip to Japan to make a documentary on climate change. They fly to Japan to interview the Minster of the Environment, who assures the two women that, despite global climate problems, progress is being made and the public shouldn't worry about any "catastrophes." On cue, a large earthquake strikes. Through Sarah's camera, we see, in the distance, a large SOMETHING emerging from beneath the ground.

Sarah and Erin are rushed into the basement shelter by the building's security. In the confusion and panic, they escape the shelter and run into the street where they witness the attack of a massive creature that emerges from underground. The girls decide to try to get to the US Embassy to plan their escape.
They outrun flying chunks of debris and hide among the ruins of a demolished building. The creature passes by and they see it clearly for the first time: It is over 200-feet long and covered with enormous tentacles.

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